speeding (verb)
the act of driving a motor vehicle at a higher speed than is safe or legal.
echospeeding (verb)
the act of dancing around like a lunatic to all your fave 80s songs!

When you need your ’80s fix and only the best will do, echospeed is the band you need! Playing the hits of the ’80s since 1992. The Godfather of ’80s cover bands. Simple enough.

You popped that cassette tape into your boom-box and out came the sounds of Duran Duran, A Flock of Seagulls, The Fixx and so many more of your favorite bands. That’s what it’s like at an echospeed show. A high-tech, modern boom-box that doesn’t take 8 D-size batteries, yet still delivers the sounds the way you remember. Hot, fresh and danceable!

Talent and technology collide to make echospeed the premier choice for ’80s fans that need to know somehow, somewhere, when they least expect it, they just might have to sing 867-5309 at the top of their lungs!